About The Modern Insurance Store

About The Modern Insurance Store

We share an enthusiasm for insurance, we also recognize how customers can be served much, much better. 

Having an open mind eventually led us to think: Why not form a company of our own that isn’t bound by tradition but instead reinvents the customer experience?

 That’s how The Modern Insurance Store was created.

To date we’ve helped over 10,000 individuals, families, and small business owners with Medicare, health insurance, life insurance and more. So we know the business extremely well.

We also use technology to modernize insurance practices to bring them into the 21st century and give clients vastly better service.

Among other things, we use social media, texting and the internet (including Skype) to make the whole process faster and easier for you, the client.

We’re always there when you need us.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t get a hold of your insurance company right away. So we make it our policy to always be readily available.

Result: We’ve developed a strong, satisfied customer base in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. To these customers, even at a distance, we’re like true neighbors thanks to the internet and our responsive service.

 We have no incentive to promote one company over another.

The insurance plan you have now may be offered from an agent who only represents one company. This is a problem.

We knew there were much better options out there.

That’s why our agency offers products from dozens of major insurance companies, which give us the ability make recommendations that best suit your company or families needs.

And because our range is so broad, you can use us as your one-stop insurance provider for virtually everything.

 Let’s get acquainted!

Our Team

Daniel Farlow

Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Anthony Selm

Co-Founder and Co-Owner

(513) 599-8836

[email protected]

Brad Derflinger

Licensed Agent

(513) 440-3030

[email protected]

Tyler Mason

Licensed Agent

(573) 261-6419

Jason Gray

Licensed Agent

(513) 855-6524

Jennifer Braga

Licensed Agent

(513) 643-2002

[email protected]

Jeff Selm

Licensed Agent


[email protected]

Jacob McNickle

Steph Tayone

Felicia Clifford

Khaled Jaber

Zain Sikander

David Dodd

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